Erik Kohler (EK)

The Master of Ceremonies. The namesake of the show. Erik Kohler. Erik is the host of EK Sports, the captain of the ship, and the man with all the connections. In addition to being the host of EK Sports, Kohler is the PA Voice of UCF Football and Basketball, The energy that he brings to every game has earned him the moniker "The Voice of UCF" Erik is supported by his biggest fans, his wife and two sons.


Frisner Nelson (Friz)

He's the lifeblood of the show. He is the Alpha AND the Omega. He never gets cold, cold gets him. Truly the cornerstone of EK Sports, Frisner Nelson, otherwise known as the Friz, is the co-host of EK Sports. Nelson is a proud alumnus of UCF, where he played football as a Defensive Lineman from 2001-2005. He took his talents from the field to the booth, and now offers the show a player's insight on the world of sports.


David Baumann (DB)

Although not in studio often, DB's impact on the show is felt no matter where he's reporting from. Whether it be the trenches of the Amway Center or the comfort of a bar downtown, DB is always ready to deliver informed yet candid analysis on the Magic, UCF, and the NBA among other things. When not spending time with the crew, he writes for and spends time with his fianceé.


"Doc" Ecker

Executive Producer. Show Engineer. Savior. Whatever you want to call him, Doc is a major reason the studio hasn't exploded yet. Whether it's contacting the show's guests, finding the right soundbite, or putting EK in his place, Doc always seems to have the answer. Doc has been in the producing game for around two decades, and is showing no signs of slowing down. Doc is a stout supporter of his alma mater, Penn State, but has come to love the Knights during his time in Florida.


Brendan Schaefer (B-Diddly)

Ok, let's be real. It's the intern. You don't have to keep reading. 

Still reading? Huh. Alrighty then, here goes. Brendan, known as B-Diddly, is the intern at EK Sports. He insists that he is 20, but Doc, EK, and Friz are almost certain that he's closer to 13. Brendan is a journalism student at UCF, but hails from Maryland. He is in charge of social media, additional research, and other menial tasks at EK Sports. He does what he's told, and he does it with a smile. And yes, ladies, he IS single.


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